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Thread: Grey Ghost vs Standard PS Side Cocking Upper

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    Grey Ghost vs Standard PS Side Cocking Upper

    So speaking with Tina at Practical Solutions, you can either get a standard Grey Ghost upper, or customize their standard side cocking upper. It looks like the differences are:

    1. Internal gas block; I want this since I will be shooting suppressed.
    2. Full length top rail; Not sure what the advantage is here? Maybe add iron sights?
    3. Shark fin charging handle; Not sure what the advantage is, ergonomics?
    4. Vertical grip grail and vertical grip; I want the bracket but I think I may run a K-Grip on it.

    Am I missing anything?

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    The full rail gives the option of BUISs or reflex optic or both. I also prefer that Sam's charging handles have a return spring for the handle. I really like that feature over the standard cocking handle that doesn't return on its own.


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