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Thread: Options for Semi Auto M-11 carbine stock

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    Options for Semi Auto M-11 carbine stock

    I finally am trying to spruce up the old Cobray M-11 carbine I bought back in the early 90s. I have the dreadful T style stock on it right now. I'm going with a Max-11s upper and was wondering what stock options there were out there. I'm planning on using the Stormwerkz Type 1 adapter

    I am assuming this would accept an ACE style folding mechanism. What stocks do are a decent fit for the M-11.


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    I have the PSA AK brace on the Stormwerkz Type 2 adapter. I just put this gun together so I haven't shot it yet. But you really have to get the optic up there to get proper eye view through the optic.

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    My Masterpiece Arms Carbine kit on SWD M11/9 semi auto.
    The kit comes with a ugly L-shaped stock, but the adapter that comes with it will work with an AR15 stock like the one in my pic.
    BTW, this is an EXCELLENT pistol caliber carbine. Very accurate and well balanced.
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    I always liked the Carbine version of the semi auto M11/9 much better then the pistol.

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