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Thread: i need a complete semi auto uzi parts kit

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    Thumbs down i need a complete semi auto uzi parts kit

    I have a very high quality UZI reciever! That the GOOD news! The BAD news is......... THAT IS ALL THAT I GOT! I need a full and complete UZI Semi Auto parts kit! 16" Barrel. Well, I just thought I would throw that out there and see who responds! I have been seaching and I can NOT find a complete Semi Auto UZI parts kit (less the reciever!) no where! I can not find a kit like this to save my life! Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking You in Advance, Hank the Tank.

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    I think you will have to buy what you can where you can. McKay has the semi bolts in stock now, get that while you can as they sell out quick.

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    How complete is your receiver?

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    Like jimdoc and tonelar said, get the bolt now, and if it is a fully welded receiver all you need for parts are sights, top cover, top cover retainer and spring, recoil spring, extractor, extractor pin, barrel, barrel nut, barrel nut catch and spring, stock (if building a carbine) and a grip stick. You can sometimes find cut receiver front and rear sections complete at the websites, but determine if buying them vs individual parts is worth your while. Parts prices are all over the place. one person's $4 part is anothers' $18 part but then that person is the only one with yet another item in stock. , , , and more can fill in some small parts just as well if in stock and Richard at BWE has many parts too
    Depending on your receiver you will need a grip adapter bushing
    Assume you have a Model A UZI?
    If you need to weld your receiver with all the bits and end cover you are in for more work but you can get close to all the parts from the people listed including cut sections.
    You can even get some parts from IWI very fast and nice shipment.
    Barrels Pikes and their sub company

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