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Thread: How are you carrying mags for sub gun matches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hood886 View Post
    I make kydex mag holders for my stuff.
    Yeah, this.

    There are all sorts of videos on YouTube showing how to make a press for forming kydex. I use bladetech belt clips. They work better for me than any homemade loops. I tape wood blocking on the mags to form clearance for the tension screws, belt clip mounting hardware, or anything that pokes out on the mag. I made channels so the lug on a Zmag-S will clear, and a standard Zmag works with those same mag pouches.

    I don’t have a lot of the subgun mag holder pictures, but here’s one of some Desert Eagle mag holders I made. SMG pouches are done the same, just deeper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by root View Post
    I'm in North East Pa

    Not much around here for subgun matches anymore that I know of.

    But then I kinda stopped in 2013 with all comp. and now I'm way to busy to even go to the once a month IDPA shoot right up the road.
    I really have no desire to go there either unless the elitists have moved on.

    That one is at factoryville gun club in factoryville Pa

    the 3 gun and a ton of other matches are/were held at Blueridge sportsmans club in Hallstead Pa.

    I'd look at both their sites and see what is coming up but WV is across on the western side of Pa.

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