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Thread: What if you cant find your stamp for a legally transferred supressor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Billy View Post
    first thing I do is make a copy of my form1 when i receive it, then place the original in my safe and take the copy with me for the gun I'm going to shoot. never lost the original, and I never will
    Same here, my original stamps are in one of my fireproof gun safes, copies in my shooting bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
    Or that prudent business owner could just take a look at your device of it's a possible F1 then question it. If it's obviously a F4 device let it be. I'm betting there are zero illegal SilencerCo or Dead Air cans out there. Illegal SBRs, SBS, MGs, tons.

    I still reserve the right to take my business elsewhere. Being nosey and a PITA to those in the 2A community only hurts the community. When I was an RSO I had a strict don't ask, don't tell policy. Of people were behaving themselves I couldn't care less if their stuff was illegal on accident or not. If they were being stupid I'd check up but never invade their legal rights. If I didn't have a good feeling I'd ask them to leave without challenging their tax documents. Their legal issues are none of my business. I have no right to be nosing into their affairs. They have no need at ever show me any proof of legal ownership of anything.

    When I bring my toys out folks usually just want to know more about them, to shoot them and to know how to get one.

    It's laughable to think you can distance yourself from "those" people. Also a very poor way to view others in this hobby. I'd bet you most of the old farts at a gun show have or have had illegal MGs, cans, SBRs, SBS, etc. Probably back in the pre-86 days. I know there are quite a few unpapered MGs in my area. You can hear them on weekends sometimes. Hell, half the fudds out there have probably accidentally built SBS or SBRs. It's not hard to do by accident if you are unfamiliar with NFA as most folks are. Used to be able to build a SBR for under $400 with PSA and an 80% receiver. Used to be as easy as accidentally shouldering a pistol brace.

    Most ranges I've been to just basically ban all NFA except suppressors. Most of the patrons can't figure out what end the bullet leaves from anyways. As an RSO I was kept busy. A couple friends and I were able to get SBRs, SBS and cans OK'd at one of the public ranges that previously were anti all NFA. The guys that ran the range thought they were some sort of mystical something they are not. They ended up having a blast with our toys.

    I can assure you there are illegal silencerco suppressors out there.

    My friend had one stolen.

    If it’s a businesses policy to show your paperwork, you show it or don’t shoot their. Not a big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jericho941 View Post
    What do you do?
    Just call the ATF NFA Branch and they will help you.

    (304) 616-4500

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