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Try both the rcbs military crimp remover in a cordless drill for the crimp. Then also do a primer pocket uniformer in a cordless drill. Redding makes a good one and they have an adapter to allow it be used in the drill.
Well I have this and used it:


The actual bit looks like this: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012921650/

The Case Station has both Uniformer and crimp remover bits for small and large primer pockets. After having issues with the first 100 rds of Federal .223 Rem where I presumed (probably incorrectly) had no crimp (some probably did) for the second batch I did run them through the both the Uniformer and Crimp remover. These cases look like Lake City with all the extra stampings but have "FC" instead of "LC" and are clearly stamped 223 REM. These are the only cases for which I have tried to load the CCI #41 primers.

Anyway, batch #2, after careful crimp removal using the case station was not an improvement.

My hand primer is this one: https://www.amazon.com/RCBS-90200-Ha...587849&sr=8-29 and seems to have more 'play' between the primer tool housing and shell holder (using RCBS shellholder).

I checked the pockets before loading the second batch and there was a clear newly machined bevel where it should have been.

Next time I may try the press-mounter primer loading arm on my old Lyman turret. At least that takes the hand primer variable out of the equation.

Thanks for the insight and suggestions. It's almost a certainty there is something I'm doing wrong...but this is not the time when ruining primers is acceptable.