Two years ago my son (Sturmgeschutz) and I launched this site with the intention of creating the online home for UZI enthusiasts. I logged onto every firearms board I could think of to spread the word. By the end of that first day, we had about a dozen members.

RoverDave found us the next morning, and joined our staff the following week. He brought a passion for his favorite toys, and has built a library of UZI information that existed nowhere before. On our first anniversary we boasted over 600 members. Today there are more than 1,700. Among our members are knowledgeable UZI owners, SOTs, and manufacturers. We are widely recognized as the place to go for UZI info. Our official staff consists of only five people: RoverDave, amphibian, MuzzleFlash, Sturmgeschutz, and myself. In addition, there is a small group of advisors working behind the scenes to help keep us on track. You know who you are. Thank you.

In March of this year we had out first official gathering in Las Vegas, hosted by Vegas SMG and the other locals. UZI Talk members get together regularly at subgun matches in Florida and Knob Creek. We wear our UZI Talk t-shirts to gun shows, and to military reunions. We aggravate each other online, and we laugh at our pathetic Photoshop humor. All in all, we have a great group here. I'm proud to know you all.

This year we reached out to the owners of MACs, Sterlings, and Galils. We offered them a stable place to share their hobby. Will it end there? I doubt it. There are too many fine firearms to talk about, and too many shooters looking for a friendly place to pull up a virtual chair.

I had a couple of goals when this board was still in the planning stages. Part of this plan was to run a board in a very "loose" manner. In other words, I wanted freedom of speech to reign here. I believed that if I left the members alone - rather than police them like children - they'd appreciate it. For once, I was right. Not only have the members created a pleasant atmosphere, they guard it jealously. We rarely have to actually moderate. The other part of my plan was to keep the commercialism out. No paid banners/advertising, no sponsors, etc. My thought was that if I kept this board non-commercial I may lose money, but we wouldn't be beholden to anyone. Again, freedom of speech reigns.

Once again I'd like to tell you all how proud I am to be associated with this board and its members. Thank you for giving us two great years. I'll look forward to shaking more of your hands this March in Vegas, and the March after that.

My best holiday wishes to you and yours.