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Thread: video game MAC

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    video game MAC

    Watching my kids play the recent update to Call of Duty on their X-box I was excited to see a classic M10 added to the gun lineup. I also noticed there was a (somewhat) realistic serial number on it: 1-3 011587
    I remember decoding my own number, but forgot how I did it. Anyone got info on this "gun" from the ser#?

    There are however some problems: it has the grip swells like a .45, but uses 9mm ammunition. Also an option to upgrade the magazines strangely uses a modified Suomi drum like LawBobs old post.

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    I play that game and my gun of choice is that Mac 10. No other gun can compete at short ranges. They really did a great job on it. I think it’s very realistic

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    Perhaps the game M10 had the 9mm conversion feedramp installed?

    Not the same, but kinda.

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