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Thread: Drum Fitting Technique for Swedish K

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    Drum Fitting Technique for Swedish K

    Hello All:
    A previous thread on fitting Suomi Drums to the Swedish K helped me immensely and got me on my way to modifying Suomi drum. Better to modify a 50-60 dollar Drum rather than to buy a C&S type drum with a tower for an ungodly price.A Drum with a Tower does not look as good as one without.
    First Off: This thread helped me imensely and tomk pics and comments were great!!

    tomk's pics below:

    Also mine is a Wilson tube and i didnt mind filing on the tube.
    1. I verified that filing would in no way compromize how coffin mags and 36 round stick mags lock up since they dont hit the tube(at least on my gun).
    2.I inserted the drum as far up as it could go and noticed that the bolt would not strip a round out of the drum
    3. The I reduced the height on the drum on either side of the feed lips
    about .055 to .060.You can do this with a file or a milling machine if you have access to one.
    3. Then i filed on the tube to where the drum would strip a round.
    4. Then with the narrow end of the file , I kept reducing the locking tab on the back of the magazine (about .050) until it would lock in place.
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