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Thread: 9/18 North TX SMG Match

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    9/18 North TX SMG Match

    North Texas Submachinegun Match
    Where: TDSA
    1125 Wolf Springs RD
    Ferris, TX
    When: Saturday, September 18th
    Bring appropriate beverages, food and clothes.
    What to bring: You will need at least 4 20rd+ magazines, a MagPouch, and at least 300rds of ammo. Oh Yea, and a SMG with appropriate form (3,4,5, ect.).
    This match is designed to be fun/educational. It will be challenging enough for the experienced shooter and simple enough for the novice. All are welcome!
    Due to time restraints we can only accommodate 40 shooters. First come, first serve.
    Match fee is $35 per person and $15 per additional gun.
    Due to the use of steel targets only pistol caliber SMGs will be allowed
    We will have SMGs available for those wanting to compete but lack a firearm. Cost is $160 and includes match/range fee, firearm, mags and ammo. Please email for details
    Sign in is at 8:30 am and will start shooting promptly at 9:00am. Plan on the match to take most of the day. If you have any questions please email
    ***New shooters. Park next to the shooting "tower" Match is held on the portion of the range just to the west of the tower
    Chris Hipes
    Hipes Consulting Services LLC
    FFL/SOT 07/02
    North Texas

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    I plan on being there. I may have to leave right after due to other commitments but looking forward to shooting again.

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