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Thread: Silencerco Hybrid On Glock 17 - Sight Options?

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    Silencerco Hybrid On Glock 17 - Sight Options?

    I very recently got my Hybrid 46 and Dead Air Mask out of ATF limbo. Couldn't be happier. Now comes the game of trying to affix them to as many firearms as I can. I found the required 1/2X28 piston for less than $30, and a glock suppressor sights for $55. I can't however find a definitive answer as to if there are any aftermarket iron sights that will clear the suppressor. A optic isn't a option, as the cost of the optic plus having the slide milled is as much as buying a used pistol.

    Bear in mind, to those who don't own one, the Silencerco Hybrid is somewhat larger than many other pistol cans. It is a rifle suppressor that doubles as a pistol suppressor.

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    ask sico, they sell sights for glocks and should know
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    I have a Hybrid also, tons of adapters for it as well. Try Strike Industries for the Glock sights, if not in stock I know Primary Arms, Palmetto Armory and a couple others
    sell Strike stuff. I have a few things from Strike and they are very well made, good communications too. Good luck and congrats.

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    I do not think there are any suppressor height sights that clear a Hybrid. I use XS Systems suppressor height sights on a 17L and a 34 with a hybrid. They barely come to the outer edge of the hybrid.

    A RMR might clear it. Maybe not.

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