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Thread: 95 round AK-74 5.45x39mm drum

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    95 round AK-74 5.45x39mm drum

    hey guys, I have a AK-74 drum and love it, it feeds the rounds into my AKS-74u without any hiccup , only thing I hate about it is loading the drum , it's a PITA to load using that 5 round loader that came with it, dropping the rounds in and pushing the plunger 19 times gets old fast.....since I put all my 5.45 rounds on East Bloc stripper clips I tried to use the slot that was on the feed tower to put the 5.45 stripper clip "spoon" and tried to load the drum that way.........that was a big no go , the problem was the rounds on the stripper went all "catty wumpus" when I started to push the rounds in, and would jam either in the feed tower or in the drum itself or both, causing a major stoppage. which I had to go and remove the feed tower and/or the covers and un-jam the drum.

    the problem I saw was there was nothing to support the side of the rounds when pushing and overcoming the spring tension in the drum, so that is why the rounds went all "catty wumpus" on the clip......... so looking at both the loader that came with it and my stripper clip "spoon", I figured if I could incorporate bothof those into one then it just might work, the rounds would be supported on the side and will feed in straight

    so I cut and took out the "plunger" out of the loader, cut the entire back of the loader about 1/4inch, epoxied the strippers clip "spoon" onto it, secured it with a stripped of sheet metal, then made a loader assist from some flat stock I found in my basement..........the result, I can load the drum using my stripper clips.

    although the video is a tad over 5 minutes long, the actual time it took to load the drum from the time I put the speed loader on the feed tower to when I was done loading it, is 3 minutes 30 seconds, and I was going methodically slow and stopped a couple of times to sprinkle in graphite powder.

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