Due to VT’s stupid magazine 10 round limit, I left my mags home and unsuccessfully tried to borrow a mag. Tried to make a mag rental agreement with a major VT dealer but was too late or he didn’t check his email.
Anyhoo, there was a security guy heretofore known as Security Guy Who Never Gets Off The Quad. He was hawking 5 30 round Reising mags. I know, NIW which means trouble. About noon time, I broke down and bought one. Of course, with 30 rounds in it, first round nose-dived and refused to feed. 20 rounds, same thing, 10 rounds…well, you get the idea. Feed angle on the top round was all wrong. Applied some SWAG logic and the pliers bent the front and middle of the feedlips outward a bit. Not a bad angle. Still nosedived. Manually inserted a round by hand into the chamber…inserted 30 round mag filled. Yep…worked flawlessly. Start and stop, made no difference, just ran…mag after mag as long as you fed in the first round. Good for the balance of the shoot. So I have a clear goal now.