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Thread: .380 in baby mac with CFWa bolt

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    Quote Originally Posted by MACchat View Post
    Anyone know if the A-bolt (.380 setup) is compatible with Lage’s select-fire trigger?

    I’ve removed my trip in other examples but prefer to keep my pistol select-fire. I ask because I read in an old thread that light primer strikes may be an issue with this combination...
    Works in my large magwell M11a1 shooting 9mm out of an oem style upper with a 9mm barrel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaujo View Post
    Does the Queen drink tea?

    Is Star Wars better than Star Trek?

    Did Gordon Ingram like sheet metal?
    Man, I still dig that thing ó what a slick upper. Itís like having tea while watching Star Wars at Gordonís house.

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