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Thread: HELP with URU

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    HELP with URU

    Iím putting together a Ďpostieí Brazilian URU. I have a parts kit from what Iím told was a semi version. I know little about the URU, especially any semiauto variant. It appears to me that the semi gun operated from the open bolt. I need a schematic/parts list/info on the gun. Anyone out there with any such info? Thanks!

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    I used to have one of those kits. Not a lot of info out there. Definitely an open bolt semi. Should be a super easy build. I'd go on gunbroker and buy one of the receiver sections that is for sale and go from there.

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    There are a few Uru threads at weaponsguild .....might want to check them out....
    And like PJM said....if your're serious about building one....snag those GB receiver sections
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