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Thread: Galil ACE 10,000 round Test.

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    Galil ACE 10,000 round Test.

    Hey guys,

    I am going to do a series of videos where I document 10,000 rounds through my Galil ACE 7.62x39 Pistol. I am choosing it because I feel that the 7.62 is the best round for the super short format, and 7.62x39 is really the only "cheap" ammo around. The test will involve:

    1. 10,000 rounds of Russian FMJ ammo.
    2. Appropriate maintenance. This will not involve any stunt abuse.
    3. A Holosun 503 optic (can it take 10k rounds of fairly exuberant recoil?)
    4. Regular groups taken every 1000 rounds.
    5. A carbine class if I can find time and the plague doesn't kill me.

    I will shoot 200-250 rounds per week (barring vacation or sickness). Obviously, it should take me at least 9 months to complete.

    My purpose in doing this test is to see if the Gen2 Galil is really as good as it looks. There are tons of 1k or so tests, but not much documenting the condition of the gun after a "lifetime" of shooting. I will be on the lookout for problems and parts breakage.

    Let me know if you have any practical ideas for what to keep up with or for what to test. I know that this isn't a scientific test, but I want to keep up with as much info as is practical.

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    On a side note, IWI tests all their firearms before release with 10K rounds through them. Any time they make a change with the weapon system, ie a spring, whatever, the 10K round count starts all over again.

    This is why the Tavor 7 took so long to be brought to market. They had to start that round count over every time they made a change to the rifle.

    Let the round count start! Enjoy the test.
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    So where did you find 10,000 rounds of Russian ammo and why would you shoot it into the dirt now. You could probably buy 5 Galil Aces with that kind of stock pile soon.

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