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Thread: Mini Uzi Stock Questions

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    Mini Uzi Stock Questions

    In the process of assembling all of the parts for my Mini restoration. No surprise that it seems that all of the original folding stocks have vanished in the last few years. That leads to me here....

    Does anyone happen to have prints for a mini stock dimensions?
    Better yet, would someone with a mini be willing to loan the stock and folding assembly so that a trusted 07/SOT FFL can take measurements for reproductions?

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    with all the 1913 picatinny side folding stock options these days unless you are dead set on an original, its so much cheaper just to go with an aftermarket that you can always copy an airsoft like others have done in the past

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    I have a mini and a micro and can take pics and measurements, or even build you a clone stock if need be.

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