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Thread: Best path to a SAR SBR?

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    Best path to a SAR SBR?

    Oh, how I've wanted one of these for years, and lusted over the post samples that I don't have an SOT to get. SBR will be the closest I will likely ever get. I picked up a bunch of surplus magazines years ago and looked for several years after that to find an SAR kit. The first one I found was from Numrich at KCR (6, 7, 8 years ago?). Now they are common, but barrels aren't. At the time, CNC Warrior was about the only source for receivers, but were pricey enough for me to shelve the project until I just forgot about it for a while. So now I have a kit and magazines that have been collecting dust.

    Well, it looks like there are a lot more options than just building for getting a SAR these days. I'd like something as close to original as possible. It doesn't have to say IMI on it, but I don't want something that screams "CENTURY ARMS" either. Original Hebrew markings would be cool if they are not TOO expensive. Also, any options that won't work with surplus magazines are out. Polymer mags kill the aesthetics for me. What's my best option here? Find a barrel, compliance parts, and a tastefully marked receiver and have my preferred 07/02 build and finish it with care? Buy one of the semi-correct "pistol" clones and add a stock refinished to match as close as possible, as well as any other missing authentic parts? I've been away from the Galil stuff too long to know the differences in features and quality between Tort-Tort, ATI, JRA, etc. I'm hoping some of you can help sort out the pros and cons of some of the options out there for me.


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    Contact Jeff at Tenngalil.

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    Iím highly impressed with my ATI Galeo SAR pistol. Highly recommended and you can easily SBR later. Mine has no issues with surplus mags. 1-7 twist barrel and accurate out of the box. No issues. The pistol brace is very well built.

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    I just built one with a Numrich kit and an ATI barreled receiver. Thankfully the ATI receiver has small markings that almost hide.

    I was going to do a tortort 80% but a barrel by its self was almost as much as a barreled ATI receiver.

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    Pick up a TortTort receiver and contacting Jeff at Hillbilly Firearms. Have him supply the barrel, doll up the receiver with his IDF package and do your build. File your eForm 1 while you wait. My $.02 lol.

    Jeff does outstanding work.
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