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Thread: Original Sterling MkV Wood Fore Stock

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    Original Sterling MkV Wood Fore Stock

    So thanks to a friend, I lucked into a few (brand new old stock) original UK made Sterling MkV wood fore stocks.

    Listed one up on Gunbroker no reserve. Just passing it on in case anyone on the forum was looking for one... would be a great spare and cheap insurance for someone’s $20,000+ MK5 investment - in case they get a ding in their old wood at some point.

    Also the correct part for your smith to use on a MK4 to Mk5 conversion/upgrade project.

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    Do you still have one of these stocks available or know where I can find one? Thanks

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    I got a NOS wood stock for my MK-V from Paul at PS Arms. He had them listed, so he had a few, but that was 2014. Might be worth contacting him even if they aren't still listed.

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