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Thread: Armslist now worthless

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    Quote Originally Posted by kanewtervalve View Post
    I use quite a bit, they let you haggle the price if it's a used gun, got a lot of good deals, even during the pandemic bullshit.
    we are a seller on I can't say enough good things about them, what a nice pleasant buying and selling process, very little of the low ball offers, guns sell quickly and at almost full price, ship quickly, as a buyer its definitely worth a look, and worth it to make an offer but don't jerk someone around, cause its like the amazon cart game while your standing there trying to be a broke dick saving $5 some other guy is putting that gun in his

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    I've always found Guns difficult to use compared to GB and Armslist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeranger View Post
    I've always found Guns difficult to use compared to GB and Armslist
    My one complaint about it would be the navigation, when you click on a firearm to view more pics then hit the back button it takes you right back to where you started. If you have
    an idea of what you're looking for it's a much better experience.

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