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Thread: Wood Stock Hardware Frustration

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    Wood Stock Hardware Frustration

    I am working on an Uzi SBR project and I wanted to add one of the black polymer type 7 stocks to my rifle. They don't come with any hardware so I had to buy some. I ordered a set of hardware thinking it would work, but the two bolts that hold the tang to the stock don't have anything to thread into. It looks like the holes in the tang were recessed out. I ordered a second set of hardware that showed the threaded holes in the tang, but when I received it again the holes had been drilled out...

    I guess I just need to suck it up and use nuts to hold the bolts in place from the opposite end. I ran across this picture on Uzi Talk, does anyone know where I can find these nuts?

    Are these an actual Uzi part, or just some random nuts that work? I don't even know what size to look for and if a factory part exists I'm kind of a stickler for having what is correct.

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    I bought one of these and swapped the parts to the polymer stock. This should include the two nuts in the picture you posted.

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