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Thread: Subgun Ordinance vs. Vector 22 kit

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    Subgun Ordinance vs. Vector 22 kit

    Hello, I have been thinking about purchasing a 22 conversion kit for my Vector SMG. I had been looking at the Subgun Ordinance kit for a while but had not pulled the trigger, so to speak, yet.

    A vector 22 kit recently popped up on gun broker and I was wondering if I should take a shot at that instead? Are they better? Worse? Different in any way?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I have a Vector .22 Uzi kit (2007 vintage) but I don't have any experience with the Subgun Ordnance (SO) conversion. Some differences that can be seen (and there may be others) are: the SO barrel is stainless steel and is threaded, while the Vector barrel is blued steel and not threaded; the Vector kit on Gunbroker includes three steel body mags, while the SO kit comes with one plastic body Black Dog Machine mag; the SO kit includes a plastic mag loader, the Vector kit on Gunbroker does not have a mag loader (the kit I bought in 2007 came with a nice steel loader); the Vector kit has a .22 specific recoil spring (10 coils fewer than a standard 9mm recoil spring), while with the SO kit, a separate recoil spring is not included and the standard 9mm spring is intended to be used.
    The barrel of the Vector kit I have had a tight chamber and did not feed well until I opened it up with a .22LR finish reamer. Other than that, it's been pretty good. As I've noted elsewhere, with the Vector .22 recoil spring I've measured an ROF of about 1000 RPM with both CCI MiniMag and CCI Std. Vel. ammo. I don't have and don't intend to get a full auto rated, or take apart .22LR suppressor, so the threaded barrel is irrelevant to me, but may be a consideration for others.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with or financial interest in any vendor or manufacturer; and I am not a competitive shooter or a blogger who receives any form of compensation for endorsements or favorable public or private comments. Use of vendor and/or product brand names, if any, is for informational purposes only.

    Best of luck.
    MHO, YMMV, etc. Be well

    ETA: Regardless of which .22 conversion kit you get, or when you get it, be sure to go through the ".22 conversion tuning tips" thread above. Had it been in existence when I bought, it would have saved a lot of time, frustration, and wasted ammo.
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    I have both I know first hand the subgun Ordnance was much easier to tune. It fires reliably. I have tweaked the vector off and on over the years and have managed to get it about 90%. The subgun ordnance runs clean dirty 99%. When it stops it’s very very nasty and usually two bricks in. The kids love it at the July 4th party.
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