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Thread: Uzi parts kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimshady View Post
    I still have a couple Imbel kits with bbl and bipod. I missed out on the cheap ones, these set me back $135 each. I did however jump on the Tapco closeout sale when they clearanced out all their FAL surplus parts for pennies each. And their 50 packs of "slightly rusty" steel G3 mags at a buck each. Still kicking myself for not loading up on the 11 cent Aussie surplus .308 at Knob Creek back in the day. Free bandoliers and stripper clips included.

    One of these days when Oreilly's get that damn Flux Capacitor back in stock...

    Last cheap FAL kits were the PSA izzys summer before last

    Izzy light barrel kits 299
    Unfortunately I only got one, went to order more and they were OOS.

    Oh well still turned into a cheap rifle the DSA correct marked reciever was another 450 and the DSA barrel was 150 .
    Was smart that I did get a pile of the izzy mags to add to the collection of my metric FAL mags.

    Silly me borrowed all the tools to snap it together and never got to it before I had to return the stuff.

    Same deal as any kit.
    Just need the time.

    I see numrich has uzi kits, not cheap but cheaper then RTG no idea on the quality though.
    No plans to buy at the current price.

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    We've been talking about this for years and it was inevitable that a lot of this stuff was going to dry up at some point.

    But just as we thought WW2 surplus was long, long gone, a bunch of German and British early war ammo got dumped on the market, in good condition too, and the big Ethiopian horde of rifles turned up a few years ago.

    So I am sure there are still goodies out there that will be found as years go on.

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    Kit with wood stock on Sarco for $350

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