I have a Draco C that I purchased new in 2010 from Centerfire - never fired - I'm "thinning the herd" and trying to come up with a value for this gun, given that I don't see many of the original Romanian Draco guns on GB or the other sites - there are plenty of the recent Draco pistols that were produced by Century here in the US (starting in 2017), but very few that were actually made by Romanian manufacturer Cugir in Romania, and imported by CAI. I added a few items right after I purchased the gun (pistol grip, sling attachment, upper handguard with optic), but I still have all of the original parts that'll go with the gun. I've read that the C models made the gun well-suited to turning it into an SBR, after going through all the ATF stuff. Any thoughts on a reasonable value for the gun? Thanks in advance for any suggestions !