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Thread: Member Opee - M76 SMG Stock Adapter Review

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    Member Opee - M76 SMG Stock Adapter Review

    I believe that I am the first person to receive the above noted M76 SMG folding stock adapter. This unit is designed to replace the OEM folding stock (which is, as we all agree, terrible) and allow modern stocks of many types to be mounted. Until I purchased the adapter, i did not know Opee (Brian Miles) and paid full price for the unit ($235). I own a number of guns and consider myself semi-competent with respect to working on guns. Certainly no gunsmith!

    The unit arrived in two days packed well. There are two parts, the adapter itself and the grip bottom plate. Included in the box were detailed instructions, which were very useful. The quality of the parts was very nice. IMO, as good or better than any commercial mount or adapter. Phosphate color was a perfect match for my M76. I read the instructions from top to bottom, twice. After removing the OEM folding stock and grip, set them aside. The mounting/fitting process is not complex, however my experience is that you must go SLOW, because if the unit does not fit out of the box, you will have to file two thin bosses down until it does. Mine required that I file the bosses.

    Using a fine metal file, went through a process of slow filing (the bosses are clearly marked with white) and hand fitting. Do not force fit the unit. When the bosses are sufficiently filed down, then the lightly oiled unit can be pressed or lightly hammered (nylon hammer please) into position. If you attempt to force the adapter into position, it will be virtually impossible to remove. This part of the install took about 30 minutes and at least 15 iterations before things felt good. Very snug is a good word to use.

    I then removed the adapter and Perma Blued the scuffs (after degreasing). After replacing the adapter, i aligned it with the grip mounting screw, installed the grip base plate (presses into position) and tightened the grip onto the gun. Done.

    Overall the adapter is worth every penny. The finished mount is VERY strong and will be an excellent improvement over the OEM unit. I'm not sure how many Opee had made, but this is a modification (temporary as it can be removed easily) that everyone should do. As he advertised, no modifications to the gun are required at all. Any work done is on the adapter itself.

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    Thanks for the review, Rekraps. Your installation sounds first class.

    I too have been in touch with Opee and finally got my adapter ordered today. I also bought the stock he recommended, the Sig Sauer Minimalist Plus. Priced at $199.99 on the Sig site. I learned today that the Mimimalist Plus is listed as "out of stock" on the Sig Sauer website, which was not the case a week ago. Opee told me that they were also available from Optics Planet and at a price cheaper than that offered by Sig. So, today I got the stock ordered from Optics Planet for a total of $156.

    I hope that my installation goes as well as your's did. It looks to me that this will be a huge improvement for the M76 shooters and will cure the most often cited weakness in the M76.


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    I'll keep that stock in mind when I get mine.

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    My Stock adaper arrived Nov 4th and i was super impressed with the workmanship.
    Its a supurb improvement to the 76 wire stock
    without any mods to the gun. Thanks to Opee for his contribution!!
    Below are closeups of the adapter and how the gun looks.Fantastic

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    Another review here. I also bought one of Opee's stock adapters and a sig minimalist stock. The installation took a about 2 hours of fitting for me. I had to completely file the two tabs down and take a hair more of the top of the adapter. I paired this thing up with the sig minimalist plus stock. Wow what a combo. The stock and adapter lock up super tight. I fired it this past weekend. It is a huge upgrade to my mk760. It makes the gun much more shootable with no wobble or shaking. It also feels very good ergonomically. I will keep the factory stock due to its being factory correct but will never put it back on the gun.

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    Checking in. First off, wow, this is a beautiful piece of work as far as machined parts go. Seems a shame to have to file on it, but that's what needs to be done for proper fitment.
    The transaction with Opee was smooth, and the part was actually shipped faster than I expected. It was well packaged arrived via USPS First Class package service.
    I'm installing this on a Burgess SW76 and also needed to file the bosses down flush on my adapter. It appears that my particular SW76 had some dimensional variation that would not allow the grip bolt to pass through the clearance hole in the adapter.
    This was remedied by a friend with a milling machine that took off a millimeter of material on the front edge of the clearance hole. It probably could have been done with a round file and more patience, but the right tools make the job go faster. The adapter is now firmly attached to the grip block and has no play at all. I also went with the Sig Minimalist Plus.

    PS: You other guys with the Sig stock, did it come with the allen wrench needed to tighten the clamp?

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