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Thanks for all the tips and advice. All things considered I think the best thing that can be done with this lower is to put a Tenko upper on it and I'm still holding out for that! Won't even be concerned about some scratches if I've got that. Got to put in a plug for A&S (for which I have not affiliation) because that is the reason I bought this. Keep up the good fight!
Thank you for the kind words. We have not given up, but boy has the design been difficult. The Mac style RRs are very simple design based on 100 year old technology. We are adding complexity to a very straightforward design. Finding a balance between complexity and reliability is not easy. The modifications are 10 times harder than the original design trying to find that balance. Two of the three Beta Testers are no longer with us. RIP Bryan and Tom. I find it hard to be objective with my own designs. They were both very helpful to bounce ideas off of. I miss them. We have been through I don't know how many ideations. We have had several designs that looked good on the screen but actual testing shown to be either unreliable or easily defeated.

Lage Manufacturering has been waiting almost 2 1/2 years for their determination. I don't think anything is going to move until the ATF decides what they will do about "clarification" of the definition of firearm frame or receiver. Who knows when that will be. We have been mindful of what they want and we have included provisions in the design for the changes that ATF wants. I am thankful that our design can be altered to comply with their "clarification". Again, thank you for the kind words. Your moral support means a lot.

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