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Thread: Could A .308 Upper For The Mac Style Family Of RRs Be Designed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaujo View Post
    I remember a SAR article that purely fawned over the HK 21e. I was convinced until I looked up how much one was. I would wonder how many HK sear owners even own an HK 21 host. I have no real idea but I'd bet less than 25%, so you are getting to a pretty small pool. You could learn a lot about how much people will pay by looking at what the market will bear for HK hosts and M16 uppers. I figure there weren't many 21 hosts being made before the HK sear reached a certain price point. that MM 21e is what, 15k? If someone spends 40k on the sear they might go for it, but that's 37.5% of the transferable's value.
    What's worst is that MM21e gun has a good chance of not even working. Look how many have been listed on hkpro with the following description: Under 1k rounds fired with more semi than full and just back from Mike Otte for service. I know a few sear owners with guns built on fmp or german parts kits. I have a 21k myself. The non e guns are cheaper(around the price of a MM e gun) but yea I have multiple mgs that were cheaper than my 21k.

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    If you could find an original HK 21E/23E parts set I would think that you would be looking at around $20,000 to $25,000. No offense meant to Mike or Carlos but their guns are a reverse engineer of the original. Using a HK sear or registered trigger frame as the machinegun, that locks the host receiver into being a roller delayed receiver. We are talking about an "upper" for a Mac style registered receiver. So using a system in current production would be much more preferable than using clones of an original out of production system.

    Of course stepping up to full power rifle caliber "could" be problematic to the ATF. There might be ways around that issue, but that is a whole other topic for another thread.


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    WoW... So much for German engineering... interesting to me at least. So, have zero experience with anything belt fed... are the Nazi WWII MG 34 and MG 44s any better, more reliable/dependable?

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