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Thread: I Fu%&ing hate squibs !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gumbochen View Post
    Id cut off an inch for good measure, recrown, and put it back into action.

    I had somewhat similar happen to a friend's Thompson with Wolf steel case. He jammed 2 more rounds behind the first, which split the barrel. I had the barrel removal tool and receiver vice bracket, so I pulled his split one for him and installed the new one. I kept the split one, which still had about 7 useful inches behind the start of the crack. I had a friend with a lathe shorten it to just behind the damage and then thread it to .578-28. I haven't yet crafted a shortened forend for my M1A1, but one of these days I'll do that, then pull the old worn barrel and mount that short sucker and put a fat can on it.

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    past two cattle-guards, at the end of the gravel road
    I had an out of battery in my Uzi.
    Can’t remember which Ammo didn’t fully chamber.
    Luckily it only blew the top cover off and I didn’t get hurt, had shooting wrap around glasses on.
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    I personally watched an UZI SMG squib maybe 20 years ago. 5 or 6 rounds got stuck in there and the barrel blew apart inside the receiver. Top cover blew off with a big bang. It was weird when it happened because you could hear the pop pop pop but nothing came out the barrel.
    Couldn't pull it out of the trunion after. A gunsmith had to cut the barrel to remove it. The shooter had a bruised ego because it happened with his reloads. He only had to buy a new barrel and the gun was good.
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    I have used Winchester USA white box 5.56mm, 7.62 NATO, 9mm and .45 ACP since the early 1980's, never had a squib.

    In fact, I cannot recall ever having a squib in over 45 years of shooting any factory ammo. I shoot mostly Winchester, Federal and Remington.

    Maybe I am just lucky. Since all my guns are semi-auto, I don't shoot nearly as much ammo as most of you probably do though.
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    Load up the beta drums and melt that sob barrel!! Yeeehaaa!!!

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