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Thread: MAX11A1/15 ROF

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    MAX11A1/15 ROF

    Does anyone recall seeing anything about the rate of fire of the Max11A1/15. I seem to recall seeing somewhere that with the IRM if was in the mid 900s. I've searched the board and cannot find it.

    I'm trying to decide whether to drill or no drill and as I'm #14 on the list, I'm running out of time. I'm about to saw screw it and do the old buy both.

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    I can’t decide whether to drill or not either but I have a little more time than you luckily.

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    I think we determined the IRM is somewhere between 800-1050 RPM for 223 based off the mags, ammo and barrel length. The ARRM has the best potential for slowing the ROF, and will be recommended for the tinkerer.

    I'm going with the IRM. I plan on using 300 BO barrel. I think the ROF will be lower and... it is what it is. I'll get used to it. I have no doubt that people will find a way to slow it down.
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    Rate of fire is primarily affected by the ammo being used and the gas port setting. All of the uppers will run slowest with Tula and the gas system tuned specially to this ammo.

    The MAX-11A1/15 and the MAX-10/15 have shorter receivers than the MAX-11/15, so the ROF is theoretically slightly higher. When I switch between the different uppers, I donít really notice the difference, I just have fun shooting it!
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