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Thread: Galil Conversion from full to semi

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    Galil Conversion from full to semi

    Greetings All

    Am looking for some advice..

    Iím considering buying this Galil (image below) which has been stamped as been converted to semi auto by by Zastra Czech.

    From memory something doesnít add up with the fire selector lever as I recall from my conscript days (many years ago so I could be mistaken) that selector full down was semi-auto and middle position full auto.

    With this particular conversion/restriction there is a pin preventing selection into what I recall as being full auto position which would mean that full auto position is now the semi auto and semi auto has been blocked. Bit confusing but has anyone come across a conversion like this from Zastra sports? I googled them but there is not much about them out there.

    I donít want to end up buying a lemon.. is there anyone out there that has come across Zastra conversions? Time to look elsewhere and rather go for factory semi auto? any advice appreciated
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    Pin looks like the type used on (milled) AK-47 rifles as a selector stop. No comment on anything else.


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    Not sure where you are but in the US it's still a MG if it has that 3rd pin hole or if the receiver was ever FA.

    The semi and FA trigger, disconnector and hammer are the same. If you pull the rate reducer or at least cut the selector so it will no longer contact/hold the disconnector.

    In the US we can't have the rate reducer so between that being missing and the mod to the selector by grinding material away it's no longer a FA FCG. Then we have to throw away the original receiver after we torch it to pieces and use a new one without the rate reducer pin hole.

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    Depends what country you live in. In the US once a machine gun, always a machine gun.

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