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Thread: Steyr Aug Nato

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    Steyr Aug Nato

    Any aug fans? got my local shop to order me one awhile back, The Newer model A3 Nato mag version OD Green. got a few more payments to go before i get it out of laway. pretty excited been wanting one for about 12 years Lol

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    Have fun with it. I had two, loved the 906 series 16” model, but it’s sale for me into the FA game. Another carbine model is on the list…

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    Yep. One of the guns on my "short list"; bullpups have always fascinated me, and since I lost part of the bone and muscle from my left arm, I have really appreciated them. The A3 NATO AUG is particularly appealing, as I have plenty (?) of AR Mags.

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    I have a 40th anny A1 model I bought from PJ when they did the run of 777 guns to commemorate the 40th anniversary in 2017.

    Fast became my favorite 20 inch 556 rifle.

    Talked to the owner once of "Karl's DIE HARD A1 AUG" only changes he did to it was add the trigger tamer and bring the gun up to full MG specs.
    I took his advice and added the trigger tamer.
    Brought my trigger down to a 2.5 lbs pull from around 7 lbs.
    Still has the creep in it but breaks clean and once you get to know the trigger a bit the creep doesn't matter since you just pull through till it's ready to break.
    I bought all the crap I could for it from PJ with the most important part being the suppressor gas regulator.

    I plan on buying another modern AUG in the future that takes the OEM AUG mags. for " reasons "

    Only two upgrades done to mine are the trigger tamer.
    And the CORVUS DEFENSIO brass deflector.
    Brass will chew up the stock directly behind the ejection port.

    You can cover it with electrical tape in a few layers ( as I did )or you can use a strip of Velcro until you decide if you like it enough to spend the 112.00 on the deflector.

    Also the rifle suppresses well but the shooter won't notice it due to the shooters face so close and opposite the ejection port.
    5 feet off from the gun and it sounds not much different then any other suppressed 556.

    I really am pleased with my new modern 1700.00 A1. Sure beat buying a 3500 beat to snot so called safe queen for 3k.

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