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Thread: The S.A.B.R.E. Ahead Of Its Time Or Half Baked Design?

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    FYI - Here's a link to my old thread on building the AK version from scratch. It has the details on mods I had to make to the design.

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    IMO, it was both "half baked" and ahead of its time.

    Having owned one, I'll say, what a heavy upper. Holy cow. The machining was so-so, and the mag well was sketchy on mine without some "custom work."

    The concept was obviously swell; it has seeded other designs, and ultimately, its grandchild is the Lage XX/15 series. So, kudos for getting a few to market.

    I never used mine. The thought of drilling a RR was a no-go to me. I sold the upper as soon as Lage began releasing 11/15 IRM models

    While the 556 SABRE was a neat idea, it showed laziness in its original design. The oversized foregrip, proprietary gas block, and overall school bus size of a SABRE for MAC-10 were its biggest negatives. Who wants a 5.56 upper that weighs more than an entire AR-10 .308 rifle??

    Anyone staring at the wasted space in the SABRE upper, excess hunks of aluminum; etc., could have certainly put the design on a diet.

    The SABRE is essentially the obese, washed-up grandpa of the XX/15. But in its day, it was the best and only LMG option "mass" produced.

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