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Thread: Registered mini-UZI bolt compatible with IWI Uzi Pro?

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    Registered mini-UZI bolt compatible with IWI Uzi Pro?

    Interested in finding a registered bolt for my UZI Pro, some questions....

    Are the Mini and micro UZI bolts the same? My understanding is some machining is necessary to fit a mini UZI bolt into a Micro UZI, also a barrel change is necessary; is this accurate? Can a micro UZI be made to fire from an open bolt, and if so, can this be adapted to the UZI pro?

    I know the UZI Pro upper receiver can be installed, with modification, to a Micro UZI lower receiver. Does anyone know if there are there any issues installing a modified mini-UZI bolt to an UZI Pro?

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    Welcome to uzitalk.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have answers to your questions. Maybe someone else could chime in.


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    Good morning and welcome.
    I have both open and closed bolt registered Micros.
    PM me and we can discuss.
    Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

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    Uzi pro is side charging and lhe lower is a poly/plastic.

    As far as drop in?
    No it's not.

    Could it be made to work ?
    Possibly but really would take some work.

    Not sure if the AA pistol lower fits or if the bolt would need more mods for the charging handle.
    But those would be the two main things to look at.
    You will need to mod the lower to go to FA since all the AA pistol lowers are semi.

    Mark Serbu did 5 or 6 about two years ago so I'd ask him what is involved in the lower conversion.
    ETA: Serbu did lower conversions for post sample uzi parts kits to clear things up.
    Not uzi pro conversions

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