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Thread: At least 2 versions of the Action Arms hard case out there

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    At least 2 versions of the Action Arms hard case out there

    I never realized there were different versions of the Action Arms hard case until last week. The cases I'm referring to are for the full size Uzi-Model B. I can spot six differences on the inside of each case. I'm curious if anyone knows the backstory on this.

    I have pictures but can't seem to get them to appear in the message.

    ETA pictures (thank you RoverDave)
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    The pictures are probably too large (either in file size or width). Instructions are here.

    If you can’t adjust the photos, you can email them to me at

    I remember seeing two variations but don’t recall the difference.
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    Interesting ! mine is like the top one.. I'm curious as to what some of the indents are for.. I know the end ones are for the magazine's and of course the sight tool, fake short barrel, & sling.. the U shaped grooves toward the front on the first case seem to fit another long barrel fairly well.. thinking those tabs in the cover would hold the extra longer barrel in place when closed.. not sure what that center indent by the handle is for? the magazine loading accessory seems to fit there pretty well..

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