Posted up videos of all my runs at the Ohio State SubGun Match held at Tusco Rifle Club in Midvale Ohio this past Saturday......I can also say that I used my own builds for the entire match and the guns ran flawlessly. Tried to do a "tac reload" on a mag holding 30 rounds (didnt work well LOL) and I had one round that didn't go off (bad primer) cant fault the guns for that. Here are all of the runs and while the target count wasn't super heavy (142 targets total) it was a challenge as some targets were out to 80 yards. It was a shooters course, but also a thinking course as you had to use your head a little bit and see how it was going to best work for you and your skill level.

I will post the overall results of the match when I get the list from my scoring person.



I took 1st in the Irons class and 2nd in the Optics class.. I hit a no shoot in Optics and it was enough to bump me down......that being said my Irons time was 123 seconds (and change) while the top Optics winning time was 121 seconds (and change) so there really wasnt much of a difference in the results using optics or irons. My raw time between the two (taking out that hostage hit) made my times almost identical between optics and irons. I was a little surprised by that one, but I'll definatly take it.