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Thread: Looking for a source for Intratec Tec-9 parts

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    Looking for a source for Intratec Tec-9 parts

    I've tried FTF, Numrich, Sludershot, etc. and not finding what I need.

    Any suggestions?
    My name is actually Scott and I really do live in Texas.

    I know, not very creative but it is factual.

    By the way - Facebook is truly evil; resist the urge to participate.

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    Your just going to have to hit the regular parts kits sources till one shows up.

    That was how I built my BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA gun.

    Was pretty shocked it ran 3 diiferent mags without a single issue.

    Haven't shot it since.

    Right now thanks to 3D printing the complete kits like I bought are valued a bit higher then a working complete gun since there is no paperwork or BG check.

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