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Thread: Am I missing something

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    Am I missing something

    A friend inherited a PPsh 41 from his Father-in-law. It includes the 68 amnesty paperwork. it was registered as a dewat by having the barrel plugged, and removing the firing pin. After a lot of delays from the ATF, he finally has it registered on a Form 5. He has been told by the NFA branch that the gun cannot be Reactivated. I don't if he talked to the person that answers the phone or an actual Examiner but I believe this is bad info.
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    NFA branch needs to read their own handbook. Reactivation of DEWATS. Deactivated War Trophy (DEWAT) firearms may be
    returned to a serviceable condition. A DEWAT that has been returned to a serviceable condition
    (or reactivated) is often referred to as Reactivated War Trophy (REWAT). The act of returning a
    DEWAT to a serviceable condition is considered the “making” or “manufacturing” of a firearm
    by ATF. The procedures for reactivation by a non-FFL or FFL with other than a manufacturer’s
    SOT status or with no SOT status on Form 1 are found in section 6.6 of the handbook. The
    procedures for reactivation by an FFL with SOT status as a manufacturer are found in section
    7.3.3 of the handbook.

    Section 6.6 Reactivation of a registered unserviceable NFA firearm. The Form 1 may be used to
    reactivate a properly registered unserviceable firearm, including registered unserviceable machineguns.
    Block 4(i) of the form should indicate that a registered unserviceable weapon is being reactivated. The
    remainder of the form should be prepared and submitted with the making tax in the same manner as
    described above except that a law enforcement certification is not required. The existing serial number
    on the unserviceable firearm should be used. If the reactivation will be performed by a Class 2
    manufacturer, see Chapter 7 for additional information.

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    I believe it was around 2005 that a NFA Branch employee told me, over the phone, that I could file a Form 1 to "make" and register a machinegun. Once the PPsH 41 is transferred to you, activate the gun as posted above. Congratulations, on the transfer. Since it is an original gun, I would be sure that the reactivation was done as carefully as possible.


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    I reactivated my 1917A1 with no issues whatsoever.

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    ^ very cool to see. Thanks for posting.

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