I`m trying to build an 03 or 03a3 rifle. Sporter. I have built maybe 2 dozen back in the 60`s and 70`s. before my gunsmithing business went south. A total fire took house with it. Had 2 boys 4 and 8. They were more important than my business, so I spent the next 6 months rebuildind a home. Anyhoo, I just got done a 300 mag Mauser from scratch and would like to do a Springfield and a 1917 Enfield. I`m just looking for an action, but I`ll consider anything at this point. I`m almost 83 but I have a full shop and I need to keep working. Not for profit, I`ll never get moneyback on these guns, just the satisfaction of still being able to do them. Any help on finding actions will be a great help. I`m the guy who made the Uptight saw boxes for the Shrike And made them look like a real 249 saw. TIA shriker