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Thread: Classic Galil Rear Sight Install Tips

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    Classic Galil Rear Sight Install Tips

    Did a fair bit of searching and couldn't find this info, so posting to archive this info:

    - rear sight ball/detent measures .114 - .115 inches which is ~2.9 mm -- 2.9mm ball bearings (a LOT of them) are available to purchase on amazon and elsewhere. I borrowed one from another topcover for a replacement apex one that was missing the detent, but do need one to recomplete that top cover, so may just order a whole lot if others in need...

    - to remove rear sight, use a punch to release the bearing and then disassemble in a bag or under a towel to catch detent -- I used a ziplock sandwich bag that I had some sight parts stored in...

    - to install the rear sight spring and bearing, you can do so through the screw hole, basically it's like installing spring and detent on front takedown pin on an AR
    -- remove spring and detent ball from rear sight; install rear sight in rear sight housing and align spring groove (lower section) with the screw hole on left side
    -- insert spring, insert detent, and then press down with finger to flush with sight housing
    -- slide screw over hole while sliding finger off -- the screw then works great for pressing them down far enough for the sight to be be wiggled down enough that the detent is held by sight housing, and then just to wiggle the rear sight down until the detent snags one of detent holes
    -- align screw holes on housing and sight, and then install rear sight screw w/ purple or blue locktite
    -- this hack took less than a minute to get the rear sight w/ spring and detent installed. And another 30 seconds to install rear sight screw.

    - rear night sight installs/uninstalls to towards the rear, not the front
    -- this is covered elsewhere but there's a small roll pin in the rear night sight that needs removed first/reinstalled last

    front sight and front night sight removal and installation is extremely straight forward

    Worth mentioning -- I purchased a bag of assorted sight parts from Blackthorne when they were clearancing galil stuff a few years back that I just got around to installing the parts I originally purchased it for (as it was cheaper to buy that than individual parts), but I now have quite a few extras and a bag of a couple pounds of sight parts. Some of night sights still have tritium glow, not great glow, but they glow and can hand select if needed. Pretty much all is excellent to NOS. Rear sight screws appear to be blackthorne produced, but otherwise everything is IMI best as I can tell.
    Feel free to send a PM if you're needing parts. Not on this forum often, but will try to do better about checking given this offer's open. Saw several posts in recent years looking for parts. I'll need to figure out fair market pricing for them -- and this isn't intended to be a classified, just noting since on the subject and if other forum members in need.
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