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Thread: Bayonet lug 1913 rail

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    Bayonet lug 1913 rail

    Has anyone tried an AR bayonet lug to pic rail adapter on their UZI?

    It looks like it should work.
    It is cheap.

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    I use one on a Micro Uzi, it just needed to be draw filed on the top to remove a few thousandths of material, in order to fit between the receiver and the inside of the bayonet lug. Other than that it works perfectly. I used loctite on the screw and it hasn’t budged yet after about three thousand rounds through the gun with an IWI vertical foregrip attached to it. Plus the price can’t be beat, I’d rather spend a few minutes modifying them, than to pay the outrageous prices of the ones specifically made for the Uzi.

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