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Thread: Anyone try loading guncotton? Heres my results

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    Anyone try loading guncotton? Heres my results

    I made some gun cotton to burn, but then was thinking about if it was a practical propellant in place of powder. I loaded some in 9mm and ran it throug the Uzi. I figured the uzi was the best bet as it can handle the +p++ loads some folks use, and I had no idea what actual pressures I would be running. Nitro cellulose burns quite fast, so figured it wouldnt be to far off for a pistol powder.
    My first tests I did not chronograph. They were 6 grains of cotton with a 90 grain hornady xtp bullet. Judging from the sound (all tests were done using a suppressor) my pressures were all over the place (mainly on the subsonic side) and it wasnt ejecting very far (i was loading singles). I was tamping the cotton in with a allen wrench as even as I couldand I figured the bullet was not completely compressing the charge. Hence the erratic "sound".
    Felling better about still having a face and not blowing it off, I loaded some more and chronied them. I loaded the 90gr with 7 gr of cotton this time hoping to get a more consistent burn. I loaded some 115gr fmj with 6 grains to see how that goes. Here are my results (they come out of the chrony in .pdf).

    Forgot to mention. I did load all 5 of each string in a mag to check reliability. The 90 gr with 7 gr of cotton cycled quite well in the Uzi. The 115gr with 6 gr did not cycle well at all. It was all failure to feed.
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    Not for reloading. Nitrocellulose is very reactive, especially when unwashed. Unlike modern propellants or cordite, it lacks stabilizers, so storage is a concern.

    I've reloaded with various powders recovered from milsurp ammo, I've also tried cordite, but some folks avoid the aforementioned completely as it burns quite hot and can cause firecracking in barrels.

    Your experiment is interesting though. Thanks for sharing!

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