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Thread: Stainless steal finish

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    Stainless steal finish

    I have a stainless steel .357 that has been sitting in the safe in a nylon holster for a while. When I got it out the other day the shiny finish was cloudy in several spots. It looks like the part of the gun touching the holster is what went from shiny to whitish cloudy. Anyone have experience with this or recommendations on how to bring back the shiny finish?

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    Have you tried rubbing it with a dry rag?

    I have a stainless mat finish revolver that got a bit of surface rust. I rubbed it with oil and steel wool and it removed all the blemishes without returning pitting. I would think that might be too abrasive for a shiny finish.

    If it doesn't come off with light buffing, I'd try some polishing compound.


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    Try some Nevr-Dull. It's cotton with some metal polish in it. Works well on many surfaces.

    When you are done with rubbing on it, wipe it with a paper towel to get the polish residue off.

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    Makes me wonder about the Birchwood-Casey 'Lead Remover' polishing cloth. Might be the same as Nevr-Dull. In any case, the Birchwood Casey cloth does in fact remove lead and does not damage to the polished finish of a S&W 686 or Ruger GP100. I would NEVER use it on a blued gun but for polished stainless it seems harmless.
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