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Thread: Frankford Arsenal XM-177 - thoughts?

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    Frankford Arsenal XM-177 - thoughts?

    There is a Frankford Arsenal XM-177 for sale locally. I have not given a lot of thought or research toward owning a M16 variant, so I know nothing about the various non-Colt options available.

    Can anyone fill me on on the Frankford builds? It looks like the receiver is Olympic Arms. Are the Frankford builds considered decent? The receiver is marked SGW - Oly , and the lower is stamped Frankford Arsenal with the logo and FAxxxx serial number.
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    Even if it is out of spec, you can have it blueprinted. The big thing is the money. If it is a good deal, you can flip it if you don't like it. There are so many calibers and configurations. Good luck with the decision.


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    The lowers are forged, which is one of the more important things. Olympic Arms/SGW lowers are were commercially manufactured and known to be slightly out of spec. They're fitment is often very tight with various uppers, and the magazine well can be tight with polymer magazine such as P-Mags. That being said they are otherwise fine and if desired, they can be brought to proper specifications fairly easily. Frankford Arsenal executed the conversions, so sear pin hole will be done correctly. If the price is right, I would jump on it.

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