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  • Tried to send you a pic of the postal receipt, however could not upload the snapshot here. Anyway, your package is on the way . That’s why I’ve asked for your email address
    Are you still looking for an ORIGINAL Military Armament operational briefcase for a .380? Please email me if you are. Thank you. Bill Jonke tolinv@aol.com
    Sorry for the late response,never had a visitor message before. I believe I filed the holes at the front end-really,this is no big deal. Go slow,file a little and check fit,if need be file a little more. File enough material to allow pads to pop up through receiver.
    My local class 3 manufacturer, who I was hoping would enlarge the holes in my receivers politely declined because he's never done it before. You said I could file the openings. Is it just the one end that's a problem?
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