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  • Hey buddy. Got a chance to step out to the range for a little bit today. I ran 10 32 round mags through it. Gun runs like a Rolex now not a problem at all. I guess the only problem is not bringing enough ammo with me cause I didn't want to stop shooting it. I did buy one of those Magpackers to load the mags up. That thing's sure is a huge help saves a lot of time. Doesn't work perfectly of course, but when you get it to work it sure loads a magazine fast . Have you ever used one of those or do you have a Lula loader for your UZI mags? Once again sir, a hundred thanks for the lower. You sure helped me get through this problem that was bugging me for a few.
    Hey Man good to hear you got it fixed up.No the guy who does Thompson repairs is Paul Krough.Let me know how it works.
    I just tried my other spare DES lower on my gun and it fits fine.So alter your sear holes that's what is keeping it from lining up.
    Hey man.Your just gonna have to open up the sear holes a little bit.Dont alter the lower at all.You will have to eyeball it from the top and see where to file to allow it to clear.Ask on the forum and see what the others suggest.That lower fit my UZI perfectly.I would definitely not alter the grip at all.Ask RoverDave or BWE and see what they say about the sear holes.I could get it to fit if I had it here.But I don't.James
    Hey brother. Got the package today, thanks man. I really appreciate it. Tried to put it on my receiver, and the sear, as anticipated, seems to hang up on the reciever. Also, the holes that the pin goes through don't want to line up just a hair off, and won't allow the pin to go all the way through. I assume that something in this trigger group is riding a bit higher than a semi auto version, and hitting the reciever, not allowing the lower to seat properly. Do you think that opening up the holes for the sear will remedy this? Or do I need to trim up something in the lower? The holes (or squares) in the bottom of the reciever, need to be opened up, little by little with a file front to back, not side to side, right? Or do they need to be opened up on all 4 sides a bit?
    Scott,package will go out tomorrow the 26th usps.Glad to help you out.Get your UZI running! They are really a lot of fun.Let me know if I can be of further assistance.James
    I really appreciate your help man. Let me know if there's anything I can do on my end for you. Name is Scott Kovacs 2719 South Pagosa Street Aurora, Colorado 80013. Thanks again brother I really appreciate your help.
    Glockman You can call me anytime I don't work anymore.What size take down pin does your grip take?I assume You have a converted semi trigger group?I have a spare SMG grip complete that uses the larger pin I would send to you for free if interested.Let me know.You still have to open up the sear holes in your receiver for this to work.
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