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  • Saw your post in uzitalk and just wondering what part of Louisiana you live in. I’m in lake Charles and practically no one here shoots full auto.
    Pat walkin
    Hey buddy. Got a chance to step out to the range for a little bit today. I ran 10 32 round mags through it. Gun runs like a Rolex now not a problem at all. I guess the only problem is not bringing enough ammo with me cause I didn't want to stop shooting it. I did buy one of those Magpackers to load the mags up. That thing's sure is a huge help saves a lot of time. Doesn't work perfectly of course, but when you get it to work it sure loads a magazine fast . Have you ever used one of those or do you have a Lula loader for your UZI mags? Once again sir, a hundred thanks for the lower. You sure helped me get through this problem that was bugging me for a few.
    Well, after using up the better part of today, ai think I got her fixed up. Opened up the sear holes, and the sear is moving freely, and the lower now goes on without too much effort. Now to the range tomorrow or Tuesday to check it out and see how she runs. Can't say thank you enough sir, I really appreciate you sending me that lower.

    On a side note, was the guys name that you were talking about that did the Thompson conversions with around a 5 year backlog Mel Bernstein from Dragonman's shooting center on Colorado Springs?
    Let me know when it's cool to hit you up. I work midnights so I will probably be up till about 11 or 12 my time before I have to catch a couple hours of sleep. If you want you can hit me up also 720-629-2755. Thanks for the help bro really appreciate it.
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