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  1. anm2_man

    S&W76/MK760 Owners- We Need Your Help

    Production of the springs were turned over to Wolff Spring manufacturing> Here is a link to purchase an original S&W 76 Main spring.
  2. anm2_man

    handgun red dot sights. what do you use, do you like it, and why. and dot size

    I have just started dabbling in Red Dot pistol sites. I've got 3 now that I'm going to begin testing. I may not like any of them, or I may like them all. They are all going to get a Fair chance. RDS are mounted on the following handguns. 1 - Sig P320 - RomeoPRO 1 2 - Canik TP9 - SC Shield...
  3. anm2_man

    Red Dot recommendation

    Most Romeo's are NOT CHEAP. The ones with all the features which are talked about above, cost upwards of $400. Ask me how I know. I have red dots an several rifles and I like them, but I'm sure yet whether I will like them on a Pistol. After I get done testing them, I may get more, or...
  4. anm2_man


    This should help.
  5. anm2_man

    Samson ATM Stock

    I don't think it took much more than 1hr with a dremel to get my AC556 to fit.
  6. anm2_man

    The answer

    Interesting ? But they didn't state the PRICE ? and where to order one. How did you find about this enhancement ?
  7. anm2_man

    The original factory folder is coming back...

    Actually this is very good news as long as they will sell parts. Because today if one owns a AC556 folder, and the bakelite grip breaks, your SO, along with all of the springs and pins that make up a original folding stock (Actually x2 because it was available in blued + Stainless).
  8. anm2_man

    What's the nastiest gun you've ever had the (dis)pleasure of firing?

    Yes for me a Lahti - shoulder mounted 20mm anti-tank gun - That did HURT !
  9. anm2_man

    Factory Folder?

    I had one of those Ramline stocks years ago. The grip was funky and had to be removed before you could disassemble the gun.
  10. anm2_man

    New Toy

    No it won't speed it up, but it does reduce the impact when returning to in battery status.
  11. anm2_man

    Reliability problem with AC556F

    Me To - Keep us posted.
  12. anm2_man

    Reliability problem with AC556F

    Looking at your pictures that is a REAL failure to eject. Is the bolt the bolt trying to pick up the next cartridge out of the magazine and it hasn't removed the spent cartridge ? My guess would be either a chamber problem or a positioning issue with the magazine. I also assume you have...
  13. anm2_man

    Reliability problem with AC556F

    First off, I believe this gun has had this problem for a long time, because there is no reason to fully disassemble the gas system which requires removing the 4 screws. As Slimshady stated, they are staked and you need to buy new ones before reassembly. Sounds like who ever took it apart...
  14. anm2_man

    Bolt Has Wear in Sear Catch ARea -Need Advice

    Haven't bought anything from Scott in a while (Stocked up long ago) but somebody is paying the $ for hosting fee's (They are not free).
  15. anm2_man

    What are the best magazines for the S&W 76?

    The Swedish K's are closer to the S&W 76, but I have many Suomi's that some with no mod's work fine, but most require some filing (Way to tight). I have 10 Original mags, but of those, only two have ever been used in my S&W 76. Mostly use the Suomi's because they work fine.
  16. anm2_man

    76 accuracy

    Yep they are not sniper guns, just bullet hoses.
  17. anm2_man

    Gunsmith projects

    Like the one in this thread ?
  18. anm2_man

    WTK Current Market Value of OEM S&W 76 Parts ?

    It really doesn't make any difference, price them as high as you want. My estimate is $700, but if the trigger housing was complete it would go to $1k. But it makes no difference, You buyer will not even look at those parts. Why - he doesn't know he will probably need them someday ! I...
  19. anm2_man

    Why the color difference on Smith & Wesson 76?

    The one that I have is pretty dark, but lighting has a big effect on how it looks. Same gun but different lighting.
  20. anm2_man

    S&W76 MK760 Optic Mount

    Since M60Joe isn't making them any more, having this in your inventory is not going to hurt. I may even be tempted to buy one ?

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