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  1. gorillastomp

    Uzi Bag?

    Here is his Facebook doesn’t look like anything new posted in a long while
  2. gorillastomp

    UZI barrel nut to hub thread

    I have a SWR mount that works with a 10” barrel 9mm I would love to have one that works with the 45 cal conversion I have. I am not sure of the thread pitch of the suppressor but it works on the trident 9 and also on a AAC Tirant.
  3. gorillastomp

    Looking for a AOW supplier

    Years ago safety harbor made AOW’s in 12 or 20 ga. It looks as though they no longer make them. I am looking for a new supplier to purchase some from. Any suggestions or leads would be appreciated.
  4. gorillastomp

    Looking for UZI .22 lr kit extractors

    I went through my stuff today I have approximately 50 extractors left from a project I worked on with BarrelXChange years back. Troy had an idea to make them function better and it works. I will sell these for $20 for one and $15 each one after. This includes shipping if anyone is interested...
  5. gorillastomp

    Looking for UZI .22 lr kit extractors

    I did a run a few years ago I still have a few pm me if interested
  6. gorillastomp

    9mm empties are just barely dribbling out of my Vector FA. Lots of stovepipe jams. So I smashed it against a tree and it broke apart.

    This is the exact same thing that I had an issue with. Remove the extractor and clean it. Just a simple thing but it was my fix.
  7. gorillastomp

    What is this

    So what does the red plastic piece do?
  8. gorillastomp

    Long shot I know but is anyone making Uzi Grease gun lowers anymore?

    They are hard to find and sell for around $400 to $450ish anything under that you better grab it quick
  9. gorillastomp

    Want to buy: Oddball guns from the Assault Weapons Ban List

    I have a friend selling an H K 911 to get it in. During the ban import model 91 was changed to 911. If you have interest in this pm me
  10. gorillastomp

    Actual current market for a M11-nine?

    There is something fishy with Keystone Arms everything they sell goes for premium prices. No one is that lucky on auction prices. Just saying…
  11. gorillastomp

    Pre May Dealer Sample UZI SMG

    I have always used the Half price of a transferable plus 1k rule for the asking price. Then negotiated from there. 12k is high in my opinion.
  12. gorillastomp

    Tenko Update

    Scott I was reading about the Franklin arms lawsuit today. The group helping them is called FRAC. They may be able to help you on your project. FRAC ACTION
  13. gorillastomp

    Black Dog Machine .22LR Uzi mags in Vector SMG with Vector .22 conversion kit?

    There is a 22 kit tuning tutorial on the site that has proven to work great! Take time to go through it step by step.
  14. gorillastomp

    Inherited UZI Fully Automatic Pistol

    Call the ATF directly give them the information that you have. If they say it is not found of the registry tell them you need to check the serial number again to verify it then hang up. If it is on the registry have them send a replacement copy out to the the executor of estate. The desk jockeys...
  15. gorillastomp

    Inherited UZI Fully Automatic Pistol

    Make sure to remove the hand guards when looking for markings. I have one that was electric penciled underneath. Also many people did not understand the marking rule so some never were marked by individuals. There are other ways to find out basic information if it is on the registry without all...
  16. gorillastomp

    Galil 372

    Is the 372 more rare than the 392? I haven’t seen as many of the 372s. This is in great condition but has been fired so I might as well have some fun. Give me a location I’ll bring a shovel!!! ��
  17. gorillastomp

    New Owners for UZI Talk Web Site

    Dave I don’t see how anyone can fill your shoes!!! But you picked a good group of guys to try! Thank you for the years of dedication!
  18. gorillastomp

    Titanium Uzi bolt.

    Would love to see a video of one of these running!
  19. gorillastomp

    Galil 372

    I picked up a Magnum Research import model 372 Galil. I was told this was a rare find. Any information would be appreciated. It’s an wood ARM version with bipod in a 556. I got the Magnum Research bag and original sling and three 30 round mags.
  20. gorillastomp

    M11s hit the 14k mark?!

    BUT they also always have the Cheesy measuring tape in a picture. I have tried the red back ground haven’t done the white gloves or measuring tape yet. I guess I will start.

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