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    Lage select fire trigger

    Things have been crazy the last couple of months and I only now got to mess with it, but that was the problem. I swapped disconnectors with the original trigger and that fixed it. Easy enough.
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    Lage select fire trigger

    Thanks for the advice. I am out of town and will try when I get back. Offhand I can’t see anything wrong
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    Lage select fire trigger

    I installed a Lage M-11/9 Select Fire Competition Trigger, but it will only fire full auto. Any idea what the problem may be?
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    Max-10/15s getting called / we know what number we are on?

    Just got mine, SN#231. I was #416 on the waiting list.
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    Max-11/15 on pigs

    We eat them. Generally only take the backstops and hams. Sometimes we get a bunch in a trap and it is fairly quick that way, and don’t have to mess with the guts. Big boars we just take to the gut pile but larger sows have been ok. Little ones under ten pounds we gut and clean. They go in the...
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    Max-11/15 on pigs

    We are in the Texas hill country. I was going to be shooting full auto on pigs, but others in the party were going to be deer hunting. I was also going to deer hunt with a conventional rifle. It seemed like a good idea to let the game warden know what was going on and get his approval.
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    Max-11/15 on pigs

    Gaujo those are valid points. However I have used the 300-221 since before it was the 300BO. I really like the round and it really is adequate with good bullet placement. Our hunting group has used it with good success for many years. It boils down to how dead you do want to kill the animal? I...
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    Max-11/15 on pigs

    As I mentioned, on a previous trip I had shot at some with hollow points, probably shot 15-20 rounds. Lots of dust but nothing on the ground. This was a trial with the new bullets. I kept the rifle on the pig in case it got up. Looking at the video I ask myself the same question. There was a...
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    Max-11/15 on pigs

    11/15 in 300BO on pigs. I had some bad results with hollow point bullets, and this was the first try with Sierra 125 Gr Gamechanger.
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    Congrats Lage MFG!

    I put a 16" 300BO barrel on my 11/15. It was not all that hard to do. Got the OK from the game warden to use it on pigs in Texas. Used it with handloads to take a pig with it a week ago.
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    What the hell happened to all the Grease Gun Mags?!?! There are three of them with a current bid of $94 and BIN price of $125 on GB. Several others for sale there at reasonable prices.
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    11/15 for hog hunting?

    Shooting subsonic I found that the sound of the bullet hitting sent the rest running. Interesting about the sonic crack going out at 45 degrees. Did not know that and had not thought of it that way I will sight in with the silencer. Can’t hurt.
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    11/15 for hog hunting?

    I changed the barrel on my 11/15 to 300 Blackout specifically to shoot pigs in Texas. We are overrun with hogs. I have a scope on it and the accuracy was acceptable in semi, 1.5” or so at 50 yds. In FA the first four rounds are pretty much on target, then pull to the left. I am using 125 gr...
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    Quick change barrels max11/15

    I ordered the LEO system. I have it installed and a problem is that the MAX11/15 is wider than the AR upper receiver. The antirotation bolts will only fit in the two holes on the upper right side. The other holes are not accessible. I will play with the other threaded holes and see what can...
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    Lage 22 Kit Loader group buy...

    Email sent. Thanks
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    John Andrewski Contact Info

    I need John Andrewski's email address as well. Having trouble finding someone to work on my Uzi.
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    Saw your post in uzitalk and just wondering what part of Louisiana you live in. I’m in lake...

    Saw your post in uzitalk and just wondering what part of Louisiana you live in. I’m in lake Charles and practically no one here shoots full auto. Pat walkin
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    UZI Smith for a VECTOR

    Not quite true. I’m at five months.
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    Uzi repairs

    Not worried about the barrel, I have a spare anyway. I don’t really have a problem bending that piece of metal above the trunion either, but then again I don’t want to do something I have no business messing with.
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    Uzi repairs

    I had an OOB yesterday in my full size Uzi. I was shooting and had a loud noise and lots of smoke. My top cover was loose in front and the front sight was tilted forward. I had not had a stoppage so a squib load was not the problem. I had a bullet in jammed about halfway down the barrel, and...

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