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    Uzi front end Mac upper price

    I think this looks cool, I really like it.
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    I would sell it locally, you don’t have any friends or friends of friends that want to buy a MG? 1 form 4 stamp is all that’s needed if it’s in same state.
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    Front takedown pin hole slightly ovaling

    Thanks for the feedback yall! I guess I just won’t worry about it until it becomes an actual problem.
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    Front takedown pin hole slightly ovaling

    I have no idea, I just recently took ownership of it. All the small internal components have been replaced by all Lage parts. Besides the front take down pinhole everything looks very mint.
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    Front takedown pin hole slightly ovaling

    I wonder if I can 3D print nylon or ABS takedown pin.
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    Front takedown pin hole slightly ovaling

    I noticed my front takedown pin hole is ever slightly oval, presumably from usage and wear. The pin inserted without an upper has a very small play to it. Everything else about the lower looks to be in great shape. I cannot see any other wear points the be concerned about. Rear receiver plate...
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    max 11/15 jamming

    Hey OP, I think I’ve seen all your M11/9 YT videos. Looking at this latest 11/15 video, your 11/15 ejection looks real weak. The spent casing is barely being ejected where it should be flying a good few feet at your 3-4 o’clock direction. To clarify this is from a bird’s eye view, so 12 o’clock...
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    Lage stock for M11/9

    Thought I ask here first, wtb either Lage’s k stock or the larger one. If the larger stock with folder would be preferred but anything is up for consideration. Thank you. -SL
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    Went to look at a Vector Uzi 45, how to convert it to 9mm?

    Hey guys, I’m new to Uzi platform. I went to look at what looks to be a NIB FA RR Vector Uzi chambered in 45. The lower looks like a MAC lower that runs grease gun mags. If I wanted to convert it to 9mm, besides barrel and bolt what else would need to be changed? Thanks in advance.
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    How to change out barrel or muzzle on max 11/15?

    So I just took ownership of a Max 11/15, and I’m wanting to swap out the muzzle for a keymo brake so that I can run my suppressor on it. When I do this on my ARs I usually have the upper on a Midwest reaction rod to hold everything together in alignment. I don’t have my tools setup but seeing...
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    Inetoutcomes Offering MAC-10 And M-11/9 Parts And Accessories

    A link to your gunbroker account would be helpful for the lazy folk like me.
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    Poll: What would you pay for a belt fed?

    Don’t have my MAC yet but I don’t see much value with a belt fed conversion over a Lage upper. More moving parts with more areas to fail or cause jams, a PIA to reload the belt fed links, more time consuming to reload a new string of ammo onto an upper, etc. Certainly would be a cool novelty...
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    I’ve read this entire thread. Kudos to Mak91 for designing and innovating this platform. I can’t wait for this to come to market.
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    22lr conversion for max-11/15?

    Hey everyone, the new guy around here, so I was wondering has anyone put any thought or effort in converting the max11/15 to run a dedicated 22lr barrel and BCG? RTB makes a barrel and BCG that doesn’t use a gas system...

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